Large House Cat Basics,  Siberian

11 Fun Facts About Siberian Cats

The domestic Siberian cat is a fun and lovable large house cat. They are very popular and enjoy a special place in their owner’s homes. Siberian cats have been introduced to humans in the 1700s however they may be much, much older than that.

In fact, it is believed that Siberian cats originated in the dense forests of Siberia at least 1,000 years ago. Though little is known about their origins they became domesticated when they started seeking out humans at farms and other homesteads.

Siberian cats are increasing in popularity and there are a few reasons why. These fun facts about Siberian cats will help you see why they are a rising star in the cat community and why you may want to think about adopting one.

It took until 1996 for The International Cat Association to recognized the breed and in 1999, it was also accepted by The American Cat Fanciers Association. Eventually, the Cat Fanciers Association followed suit in 2006.

Siberian Cat

Fun Facts about Siberian Cats that you need to know

The Siberian cat is the national cat of Russia.

Russia loved the Siberian cat, in fact, they love it so much that they made it their national cat. It is said that the Siberian cat has been in Russia for over a thousand years, though there is no real documentation of this. However, they do appear in many Russin folk tails so there may be more to this idea then the documentation shows.

A Siberian Cat does not shed because it’s hot

The most remarkable attribute of a Siberian is their thick, three-layered coat. Their coat consists of coarse and straight guard hairs, thin and wavy dawn hairs, and a wooly down undercoat.

A Siberian cat’s shedding is not triggered by a change in temperature as most other cats are. Instead, it is affected by the change in daylight hours so as the days get longer, they lose their fur.

Once the days start getting shorter they will then start growing a thicker coat and the process will start all over again.

Siberians are loyal to their owners and each other

Mama cats often only mate with one male, and these nurturing cat dads play a big part in caring for their kittens. They will play with them and help care for them along with the mom cat.

They are also very loyal to their humans. They love to follow them around and are known to pick a favorite human.

Siberian cats have water-repellant coats and actually enjoy the water.

Siberian cats do really enjoy their time in the water and due to a coat that will repel the water, they don’t have to worry about being wet when they are done playing.

They have oil on their coat that will keep them nice and dry. It’s also helpful during cold winter months as it keeps them dry when out in the snow.

They are considered hypoallergenic

While Siberian cats do produce less Fel d1, what causes allergies, they still can cause allergic reactions. Fel d1 is the protein found on the skin and in saliva that causes allergic reactions. Siberians also produce do dander, which can definitely irritate allergies.

For someone with mild cat allergies, the Siberian may be a good choice if they or their family really wants to have a nice fluffy cat, but need to have one that will not aggravate their allergies.

They are amazing hunters

Siberian cats love to hunt, they have kept the amazing hunting skills of their wild ancestors and if you allow them to go outside they will bring you back gifts. If you want to keep your cat from bringing you these gifts you may want to keep them on a leash when outside.

They make great Therapy cats

Siberian cats are wonderful therapy cats for people with Depression, Anxiety and Autism. These cats are very dog-like, so they will great you when you come home. Cuddle with you when your down and help you self soothe. They are a great alternative to a therapy dog if you are worried about a dog jumping on your child or don’t want to deal with an excited dog.

They mature slowly

A Siberian cat may take up to five years to fully mature so be ready to have a kitten for a while. Not only will they physically grow during this time, but they will be more playful and curious as well.

Just because they mature slowly does not mean they will eat kitten food this whole time. They do need to be put on adult food after a year.

They can be Trained

Siberian Cats are extremely smart. They are easily trained to sit, play fetch, and many more tricks you may think about when thinking of a dog, not a cat.

The important thing is to make it fun. Siberian cats love to hunt so think about training them to focus on their hunting skills. Play fetch and reward them when they bring it back. You can also hide food for them to hunt down.

They are perfect cats for dog lovers

Since they act more like a dog they are really a great cat for anyone who loves and owns dogs. They will gladly be friends with their canine roommate and will even play with them.

The Siberian cat is a very friendly and fun-loving cat that will be the perfect addition to your home if you are looking for a large fluffy and friendly cat.