About Large House Cats

Large House cats started in 2020 to inform and help large house cat owners. Large Domestic cats are a cat of their own. They have different needs and wants and require some different care from other cats.

Large House Cats is part of Blue Lagoon Media. A network of blogs that help to inform and motivate.

About the Author Holly

I have been a cat lover since I was born. We had a few cats during my childhood, however, it wasn’t until I was an adult that I got my first forever cat. She was an amazing and lovable cat who passed away in 2017. I had her for 15 years and she was my little girl.

I now own two amazing cats Pumpkin and Dixie and they are what inspired me to start this blog. Pumpkin is a large part Maine Coon cat who is extremely loveable and is friends with everyone and everything. I have had these two for five years and I have learned a lot about owning a large cat.

I found you had to get sturdy cat trees and have lots of places for them to climb. I also learned that cats can go for walks and actually love them. I created this blog to not only share what I know, but share what I’m learning as I go though this crazy large cat world.

This blog is not just about large cats, but also includes general cat care and tips. If you just a cat lover in general you will find great information here.