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Fresh Step® Clean Paws® Calm Cat Litter

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Are you looking for a cat litter that helps keep the smell down and has a nice gentle smell? I want to introduce to you the Fresh Step® Clean Paws™ Calm Cat Litter. Fresh Step is a brand most cat owners know and a brand you know works. I was excited to receive a box of the Clean Paws Calm Cat litter from to review for free and also just as excited to share my thoughts about the litter with you.

What Fresh Step® Clean Paws™ Calm Cat Litter Does

  • It has a calm scent that includes a blend of rose, chamomile and natural hemp seed oil.
  • Controls odors for 10 days
  • Reduced tracking for cleaner paws and less mess on your floors
  • 99.9% dust-free
  • Easy to scoop

My Experience with Fresh Step® Clean Paws™ Calm Cat Litter

Now that you know a little about the Fresh Step® Clean Paws™ Calm Cat Litter I’m sure you want to know if it’s something you need to check out for you and your cat.

How does it really smell?

I personally liked the smell of this litter when it came out of the box. It is a very calming smell but it wasn’t overpowering. It seems many scented litters are just too much scent and not only do they bother me, but they bother my cats too. This litter was not a harsh scent and that was nice. My cats didn’t mind the scent and continued to use the litter box as normal.

How is the odor control?

We have one cat that has a smell when he uses the litterbox. It’s my brother’s cat and he was just recently fixed at four years old. So he still has a strong odor in his urine. I was not sure this litter would help since it didn’t have that strong smell, however, after a few weeks of use I have to say I didn’t notice the smell much at all. That alone makes me love this cat litter.


I have a Litter-Robot, so I don’t scoop the cat litter often. However, with the Litter-Robot you need a good clumping litter that will clump fast and this one does. I have not noticed the streaking that some other cat litters will leave behind and when I do empty the box everything is clumped together well. I did turn the box off and scoop for a day as well and it all worked out just fine. No falling apart and no sticking.


I didn’t notice any dust when the Litter-Robot rotated and that’s nice. Our Litter-Robot is in our living/dining area because we live in an apartment and there really is nowhere else to put it. Having a dust-free litter is really important since it’s in an area we are in a lot.

Overall feelings on Fresh Step® Clean Paws™ Calm Cat Litter.

I do like this litter. I was really happy to see that it worked well and also didn’t have a strong scent. I could not find a downside to this litter however, the scent and dust level may be a different experience for you and your cat. I do recommend the litter and believe that for most cats this would be a great litter.

You can get Fresh Step® Clean Paws™ Calm Cat Litter on here