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Fresh Step Litter with Febreze Gain Scent Review

When it comes to litter some cats will use anything while other cats will turn their noise and behinds up to anything but what they like. I have one of each cat, Pumpkin is picky and only likes specific litters while Dixie will use anything as long as it’s in a covered litter box.

I was asked by the wonderful people at to review the Fresh Step with Febreze Gain Scent litter and I quickly accepted the task. I hadn’t tried a scented litter in a long time as my picky Pumpkin did not like it. I thought maybe since it will smell more like my laundry he would take to it.

Fresh Step Litter with Febreze Gain Scent

Key Benefits

  • Clumping littler helps fight extreme odors with the power of Gain Original scent.
  • Specially formulated for some of the busiest litter boxes and features Ammonia Block Technology and activated charcoal that helps trap and eliminate urine odors.
  • Delivers up to 10 days of odor control with a paw-activated Gain fragrance.
  • 99.9% dust-free litter helps keep surface cleaner and air clearer.
  • Helps keep your home smelling fresh with the power of Febreze.

My Cats first impression of Fresh Step with Febreze Gain Scent

I have three litter boxes for my two cats and the fresh step box only filled two of them. Now, Pumpkin is a large cat. He’s about 15 pounds and still going. The two boxes I used were the larger ones, but it did leave me the small one to use with their old litter. The good news is I received the 25 lb box and Febreze Gain Scent litter can be found on in 42lb bag. That will fill all my litter boxes and then some.

When I first filled the litter boxes both Pumpkin and Dixie came running to see what I was doing. This is normal and I expected that. Usually, they see what I am doing and just sit until I am done, however this time they both came over to check it out.

Fresh Step Litter with Febreze Gain Scent review

A week later

It has been just over a week since I changed out this litter and I have to say I’m happy myself with it. I don’t have the cat smell in my small apartment anymore and my cats actually use it. Since I was going from a non-scented to a scented I was a bit worried.

It’s also very easy to scoop up since it is a clumping litter and that makes cleanup easy. I also love that it’s a dust-free litter so when I’m cleaning it or adding to the box it’s much less dust in my face. For me, someone with slight dust allergies low dust is a wonderful thing.

Overall I do recommend you give this litter a try. If you have a cat that really stinks when it uses the bathroom this may just help to keep the smell down. In fact, I’m recommending it to my brother for his cat who is very smelly.

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