Main Coon

How do Main Coons Show Affection?

Main Coon cats have grown in popularity over the last decade. They are considered the largest of the domestic cats and are very docile in nature. Main Coon cats make amazing pets due to their personality that is more dog-like than cat-like.

As a general rule, Main Coon cats are loyal and affectionate cats. They show affection in many different ways, they will headbutt you, snuggle with you and even greet you at the door. They enjoy receiving affection just as much as they enjoy giving it.

If you are looking for an affectionate cat the Main Coon is a great cat to have. They are friendly and loveable cats who are laid back and love kids. My part Main Coon loves my nieces and nephews. He also enjoys spending time with my newest nephew and other babies.

Ways that a Main Coon will show affection

  • Headbutting you
  • Wagging their tail
  • Greeting you at the door just like a dog would.
  • Rubbing against your face
  • Talking to you (meowing at you)
  • Chirping
  • Purring
  • Kneading
  • Tapping you with their paws.
  • My Main Coon will actually reach up like a toddler will when he wants to be picked up and held.
  • They may bring you gifts like toys or other objects

Are you interested in owning a Main Coon? Keep reading to learn more about how affectionate Main Coons can really be.

Do main coon cats like to be held?

On average Main Coon cats love to be held and snuggled. They enjoy spending time with their owners and being close by. However, they are not always lap cats and likely will want to sit next to or very close to you instead of on your lap.

Not all Main Coons will be fans of snuggling like this however many will enjoy a good snuggle. My cat loved to snuggle and will sometimes make me carry him around the house because he wants to be close to me. My cat is also a bit more of a lap cat than others, though his idea of my lap is my chest or my legs.

Do Main Coon cats like to rub against you?

Yes, Main Coon cats love to give you hello rubs. They do this when they want food, attention, or sometimes just to say hello. If you decide to have a Main Coon in your life, be ready for lots of cat hair and a major lint roller investment. Main Coons will not only rub against you to show affection but will also rub against you to get attention because they want food, water or to play.

Main Coon’s show affection by making eye contact

Main Coon cats will make eye contact to show affection and that they trust you. Many people will tell you that cats use eye contact to show dominance, however, in Main Coons it is also a sign of affection.

My cat is always making eye contact with me. He will paw me and demand that I meet his gaze on a regular basis. For a cat, this is a form of trust and affection. In fact, as I write this my cat is demanding my attention from across the room and is wanting me to look at him.

Main Coons will follow you everywhere

When I lived by myself I often didn’t worry about closing doors and both of my cats got used to that. When I close a door now they get upset unless it’s the bathroom door. My one cat has realized that I come out quickly and is not always wanting in, while my Main Coon will scratch and meow until I open the door. I have gotten into the habit of just letting him in and he lays there while I do whatever I am doing.

My boy also loves to lay close to me while I work. I work from home and he is always laying on my desk or somewhere close by. It’s rare that he is more than a few feet from me unless he is basking in the sun on our screened-in porch.

Will a main coon lick you to show affection?

My Main coon cat loves to give me kisses. It was not something I realized right away as my last cat, whose name was Kisses, was always licking me (that’s how she got her name). Once it clicked I started petting him when he did it to acknowledge that I knew he was being affectionate. I don’t mind kisses from my cats or dogs. If kisses are something that does bother you a Main Coon may not be the best option for you.

Why is my Main Coon not Affectionate

As a general rule, Main Coon cats are affectionate, however, as with humans personalities are different and your Main Coon may not be very affectionate. It can take time for some Main Coons to build a trusting relationship with you. After that trust is earned they may start to show affection.

My sister’s Main Coon is not a very affectionate cat, he was adopted at around 6 months and although he loves his family he does not snuggle or show affection often. If your cat is the same, just know this is normal behavior and there is nothing wrong with your Main Coon cat.

Ways you can bond with your Main Coon

  • Give them some space, let them come to you
  • Find a blanket they love and place it on your sofa, move it close to you each day until they get used to being close by.
  • Play with them often
  • Give it time. In some cases, owners have said it’s taken a couple of years for their Main Coon to show affection.

Owning a Main Coon cat is a fun and wonderful experience. They are very entertaining cats even if they are not very affectionate. If you would like to know more about Main Coon cats check out my post: 24 Fun Facts About Maine Coon Cats.