Large Cat Care

Large cat in an apartment? Tips and breeds that are perfect for a small space.

Owning a large cat can be such a rewarding experience. They are amazing companions and many large breed cats act like dogs. If you have ever owned a large cat you understand what that means. Most large domestic cats have a lot of energy, and if you live in an apartment you may be wondering if a large cat is the right choice for you.

Large cats can live in apartments. I myself have a large cat and we have lived in an apartment for a few years. There are a few things you will need to do that are different from smaller cats, but overall they are simple things that will improve your cat’s life and possibly your own in the process.

You need to have the right cat breed for an apartment

Unless you want to go for daily walks and come home to broken things in your home you need to choose a breed that is not a high-energy cat. Though all cats will need some exercise, the right breed will not need as much as more energetic breeds will.

Large Domestic Cats that are Perfect for an Apartment

These are just a few cats that are calmer large cats. The Main Coon, Ragamuffin, and Ragdoll are higher energy, but most of the time they are calm and wonderful to have in an apartment.

Be prepared to take walks.

Walking your cat is a new trend that most cat owners hope will stay. Large cats need to have exercise and most large cats love going on walks. The good news is it’s easy to get what you need to take a large cat on a walk.

The other good news is that depending on the breed you choose you may only have to walk them every few days, unlike a dog that would need to be out multiple times a day. When planning a walking schedule find one that you can stick to. Cats like routines and will learn to understand that you only go for a walk at set times.

When you have a large cat in an apartment you need to take extra care to keep it healthy, walking is one way to do that. The only thing you have to worry about is getting the right equipment to do it.

Check out my post 5 Great Reasons You Should Walk Your Cat so learn tips and tricks to walking your cat safely.

Harness and leash or collar with leash

Collars are great to have on your pet for daily wear. If your pet gets out it shows that they have an owner who may be looking for them. When it comes to going on walks, however, collars are not a great option.

One reason is they are not secure, many cat collars are breakaway collars so that if your cat gets stuck they will come apart to avoid your pet being strangled. The other reason is that your cat can easily slip out of the collar causing them to possibly runoff.

A harness, on the other hand, is a great option. They are considered safer than collars because they are wiggle-proof and are secured around your cat’s body. The harness goes behind a cat’s front legs and over its shoulders. A harness is fitted behind a cat’s front legs and over its shoulders.

You do need to make sure you have the right size harness by measuring your cat. You want to measure their neck and the area just behind their front legs. Most harnesses will tell you what measurements each size harness fits.

Here is the harness I use to walk my cat. If you click this link and purchuse you help fund this site. Large Cat Harness and Leash Set (Amazon)

You will need to invest in toys, often

Apartment cats still need to be entertained and allowed to follow their natural instincts. They will need lots of toys to play with while you are not at home. Some of the best toys for your cat are hunting toys like mice or feather toys, interactive toys like a turbo scratcher, or fluffy balls. You can even get your cat a laser toy that is motion-activated.

When you have a large cat in an apartment keeping them active while you are away is essential. Toys will go a long way in helping you do this. You can also invest in other items that will keep your cat entertained.

Make sure you have cat trees and perches.

Apartment cats still like to get up high and when your large cat is stuck inside it needs places to go that are not the top of your fridge or other cabinets.

Having the right tree and perch for your large cat is essential, however, you need to remember that not all cat furniture will work for your large house cat. You will need to make sure the furniture will hold up to a bigger cat. Finding cat trees that are designed for cats over 15 pounds is a good place to start.

Having food on hand is important

If you have ever owned a cat you know you need to have food, for most cats a smaller bag of food is more than enough for a week or two. However, for a large domestic cat, you need to feed them more. That means investing in a bit more food every week.

You want to make sure you have a good storage place for your cat’s food as well. Since you will be storing more food than a normal-sized cat would eat. I use a wrapping paper storage container to store my food. Its thin design makes it easy to find somewhere to put it in my small apartment.

The Right Litter Box is Important

Litter boxes, for most cat lovers, are a chore that they hate but tolerate because they love their cat so much. When it comes to a litterbox for your cat you need one that is big enough for our large cat. You want a litter box that is one and a half the size of your cat. If you get your cat as a kitten this may mean upgrading the box as they get older.

Living in an apartment with a litter box can be a bigger hassle than if you were in a house. Apartments don’t normally have utility rooms or mudrooms where you can put a litter box. The good news is there are many ways to hide your litter box so that guests won’t see it.

You can use furniture that will also double as a side table, this is great if your cat is not a smelly cat when it comes to the bathroom. There are also cabinets you can put in a bedroom or bathroom that will hide the litter box.

In an apartment, you may want to try a covered litter box if your cat will tolerate it. However, there are many automated litter boxes available that will clean up after your pet for you. These are great options for an apartment as it helps keep the cat smells down and also allow you to clean the litter box less.

I invested in a Litter-Robot for my apartment and I have no regrets it is more expensive than a normal litter box, however, it makes cleaning up very easy, and hides the waste away in a bin so you don’t smell it. Check out my Litter Robot Review and see how much I love this box and some of the downsides as well.

Having a large cat in an apartment is something you can do. Preparing to bring any animal into your home does involve a bit of planning and really bringing a large cat in does not require much more. Having a large fluffy friend is a great way to bring a bit more life into your small apartment and if you are single can help give you a companion who greets you when you get home.