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Large Spotted Domestic cats that are Perfect for your Family

When you’re on the hunt for a large cat you may be thinking it would be fun to have a wild looking cat too. The good news is you can find them easily in the form of Spotted Domestic cats. I have found myself drawn to these amazing wild looking cats and just had to find out how many large spotted domestic cats there are.

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There are Two Large Spotted Domestic Cat Breeds that are perfect for families.

The Bengal Cat

The Bengal cat will look like a leopard as the Bengal breed originated as a hybrid of a domestic cat and a leopard cat. They are extremely active cats and enjoy playing. They may look like a wild cat, however, they are extremely loveable and make a great family pet. Since they are loyal they will be extremely happy to follow you around and spend time with you.

Bengals are also very athletic and enjoy jumping up to the highest point in the room. They are very intelligent cats and will learn how to get what they want. Because they are so active, be ready with plenty of toys, cat trees, and perches for them to climb on. Check out my pick for the best cat tree for large cats here.

Be ready to have your Bengal cat turn on and off your lights, open doors, or do other tricks you may not really want them to do. The good news is you can teach them so really fun tricks as well.

In the wild they will eliminate water to hide their scent, because of this some Bengals can even learn to use the toilet. Most Bengals love running water so you may want to invest in a water fountain they can drink and play with.

Bengals are a medium to large cat. For a cat to be considered a Domesticated Bengal, they need to be a fourth-generation cat. This is done to ensure the cat is a gentle and healthy cat.

The Savannah Cat

A Savannah cat is a cross between an Exotic African Serval and a domesticated house cat. This is how they got their spots. Savannah cats have 6 classifications according to how much of the breed they have.

  • F1 57% Serval – one parent will be a serval
  • F2 35% Serval – one grandparent will be a serval
  • F3 21% Serval – one great grandparent will be a serval
  • F4 16% Serval – one great-great-grandparent will be a serval
  • F5 11% Serval – one great great great grandparent will be a serval
  • F6 Less than 11% Serval.

These classifications also affect the cost of the Savannah Cat. The higher the percentage of African Serval in their mix the higher the cost of these amazing cats. The reason for this is that having a higher percentage of an African Serval is harder to achieve than a lower percentage.

Some states have bans on ownership of large exotic pets, this can cause problems with owning a Savannah Cat because some states consider them to fall into the exotic animal category. However, these bills can be corrected to allow you to own a Savannah cat.

Currently, the following states have restrictions on exotic cats: Alaska, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, New York, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rode Island, Texas, and Vermont.


Savannah cats are really amazing cats, they are friendly cats, however they are not lap cats. They are perfectly content to sit next to you though and make great compainions. They are very outgoing and you can teach them to walk on a leash.

They are a high energy, rambucsous cat, so be ready with lots of toys and things to climb on. Also be ready to take them for walks often to help get their energy out.

They are also highly trainable, so you can teach them some high-end tricks and train them almost like you would train a dog. In fact, some Savannah cats have been known to learn how to turn on your radio or alarm clock. They also like to make sure their high perch is clear of clutter by pushing items down to you, so you can put them somewhere else.

Savannah cats, when raised with them, will get along with children, other cats, and even dogs. They do best with people who will enjoy spending time playing with them and taking them for walks.

Other Smaller Spotted Cats

Though on this site we talk mostly about large domestic cats. I still wanted to include some smaller cats that are also spotted. These breeds are also family friendly and are perfect for a home with kids.

Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is a loveable sweet cat that has been around a long time. They resemble cats that were found in Egypt during the age of the Egyptian empire. Though there is no specific proof that they are the same cat, most people do believe that they are the ancestors of these cats.

They are quite hunters, so be prepared with lots of toys and to sometimes wonder where your cat is hiding. They are very loyal cats and do not do well with new people or pets.


The Ocicat is a domestic breed of cat that looks like a wild cat but does not have any wild cat DNA. They do get along with children and other cats, making them a great family pet.

They are highly active and extremely talkative. They love to play and will play with toys most of the day. These cats are known to open doors and cupboards so that they can explore and entertain themselves.


The Cheetoh was created by breeding a Bengal and an Ocicat. The goal of creating this cat was to have a cat that looked more wild then the origonal cats it came from without having to add an exotic breed to the mix.

Cheetoh Cats are very energetic, fun and will enjoy playtime just as much as a kid. Unlike the Bengal cat, they enjoy families and new people. They also get along with other cats.


If you are looking for a wild looking cat, but don’t want the wild cat DNA the serengeti is an option for you. The Serengeti was selectively bred by breeding an Oriental Shorthair and a Bengal to achieve the desired resulting cat.

They are an extremely energetic breed so be ready to keep them occupied with lots of toys and cat trees to play on. If you have a large home you can even be entertained by how fast your cat can go. They can reach incredible speeds when allowed to run.

These are just a few of the spotted domestic cats you can find to bring into your home. They all have their fun traits and I am sure you will find one that will make a perfect additon to your home.

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