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Memorial Cat Urn Review

It’s been a few years since I lost my cat, her name was Kisses and I had her since I was 20 years old. When she died I had no idea what to do, but I found out very quickly and put a guide together to help others. You can read my post about what to do when your cat dies to learn how to handle their passing when it’s unexpected.

Why a Cat Urn?

I had Kisses cremated within a few days. For a long time, she sat in the box they gave me. The problem was wanted to find the perfect urn to put her in, I just wasn’t sure what one I wanted. I looked in shops and online, eventually I found the one on Amazon, yes Amazon. It was a bit more than I wanted to spend, but I really loved it and it fit my girl perfectly.

What I love about this memorial urn is that it’s hand-painted and looks amazing. It’s also heavy enough that my two new kitties, Pumpkin and Dixie can’t knock it down off its shelf.  It was so simple to unscrew and put the bag of ashes in also. It’s not prime eligible, but I received the urn in about a week or so.

Update 2 years later

I still have this urn. It’s survived new roommates an extremely large pumpkin and a move to a new state. It’s still in amazing condition and sits prominently behind my desk.

The Memorial Cat Urn also comes in the following styles, theses styles cost less and are really cute too.

My sister likes the black one for when her black cat Poe passes. I have even thought about buying them for my two new ones, though the urns may not be around in 15-20 years!.

My cat urn is no longer available, however, you can buy a similar one with an engraving option on Amazon Here

Would you buy one of these for your cat when they pass?