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Why you need to get a Litter-Robot

As a cat owner for almost 20 years, I have had my fair share of litter cleaning duties. It is not a pleasant experience but an essential one. My last cat would use a dirty litter box without a problem, so it wasn’t a huge issue if I missed cleaning. However, one of my two current cats refuses to use the litter box if it’s dirty, so I decided to invest in an automatic litter box.

I researched and was ready to buy a cheap automatic box to see if I would like it when I found the Litter-Robot. At first, I was shocked at the price tag. $499 (at the time of my purchase) for a litter box! That’s crazy! After some research, I found that this thing could save me on litter costs and back pain. So it went on my list, and in October of 2020, I bought it.

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About the Litter-Robot

The Litter-Robot is an automatic litter box that allows you to stop scooping litter and allows for a clean litterbox every time your cat uses it. The Litter-Robot is designed and assembled in the USA and comes with a 90-day in-home trial + an 18-month warranty. It comes in two colors, grey and beige, and has some pretty cool accessories you can purchase.

The Litter-Robot 3 has more features than the previous Litter Robots. The Connect feature allows you to connect your litter box to your phone and provides information on the litter box. The app will tell you if the box is full or if there is a problem with the box and gives you information on your cat’s bathroom habits.

What I love about the Litter-Robot

I do love my Litter-Robot because I don’t have to bed over and scoop litter and litter last longer. I have already saved so much money with this thing and I’ve only had it a few months. I also really love knowing when the box is full and seeing how often my cats use the box. If you don’t know cats who use the litter box often may have urinary or other health issues so it’s nice to know. Some of the other things I love about the Litter-Robot are:

There is a timer

This litterbox has a timer you can change depending on your preferences and your cats. The litter box senses when a cat has been in it and then starts the timer when they leave the box. You will need the app to change the time the box waits to empty. The timer is set to seven minutes to start.

It connects to your phone

There is an app that will give you tons of information on your cat’s bathroom habits. It will also let you know when it’s full and alert you to any other issues that may arise. You can also use the app to activate the night light, schedule sleep mode, so it doesn’t run at night, and adjust the wait time between when your cat leaves the box, and it empties. The app will even let you check the level of the wastebasket, so you don’t have to make unneeded trips down to the basement to clean it.

This app will also allow you to connect more than one box in the same account, so if you run a cat cafe or just have a lot of cats, this may be a significant help to you.

It comes Pre-Assembled

Yes, I took it right out of the box, and with just a couple of adjustments, I could plug it in and use it. I loved this because I couldn’t screw it up. It also quickly came out of the box, so no struggling with anything.

I use less litter

This is the best part I use to have to deal with big bags or tubs of the litter as having a large cat, and multiple cats meant more than one box and at least one huge litter box now, though, I don’t use as much litter as I use to even though I still have another regular litter box.

Check out this video to learn more about the Litter Robot:

Do my cats use the Litter-Robot?

I received the box quickly, and it came almost assembled. I just had to pop a couple of things into place and add the litter, and it was ready to go. That was the easy part. The hard part was getting my cats to use it.

Two of the three cats in my home use the Litter-Robot with no issues. My third one, who doesn’t use a dirty litter box, will not use it. I have had to bring in another litter box for him, or he will just use my bathtub, however, this is not a new thing for him; he has done this since he was a kitten, so please do not use this as a reason not to get a Litter-Robot.

The other two cats love it! It did take a couple of weeks for them to start using it and not the other box. The website offers some tips on getting them to use the litter robot if they are stuck, but here are a few tips from my experience.

Update July 2022: My third cat has started using the Litter Robot occasionally. He insists I watch him every time, so it’s not often he does use it. However, it’s a start and more proof that it’s my cat, not the Litter Robot.

How to get your cat to use the Litter Robot

Keep a litter box until your cats are only using the litter robot.

After two of the cats started using the box, my mother, who lives with me, tossed the old litter box. I still had one cat to go, which created the issue of him not using it, or at least didn’t help the problem.

Don’t clean the old litter box.

Most cats love a clean litter box to go to the clean litter robot instead of using the dirty old litter box.

Run it a few times with your cats around.

You want to do this, so your cats get used to the sound while you are still standing right there. If you have had cats for a while, you know strange noises can scare them, and that’s the last thing you want when trying to get them to use the new litter box.

Don’t force them into the Litter Robot

You don’t want to force your cat to use the litter robot. That may just result in them not using it and going to the bathroom somewhere else, like a bathtub. Just keep trying to get them comfortable with the new box.

I have had the Litter-Robot for six months now and love how easy it is to remove the cat waste. I have found I use much less litter, so I do see it paying for itself quickly. I still have hope for my third cat to use it, and will be so happy when he does. It is worth the price.

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What I don’t like about the Litter Robot

Getting the app to work

I bought the litter robot connect, and as of this writing still have not gotten it to work with my phone. However, I have only tried a couple of times, so it may just be the fifth time is the charm. It doesn’t affect the litter box at all; I just can’t take advantage of the alerts that it will send to my phone.

Pre-post update: I tried one more time before publishing this post and was able to get the app connected. I will do a one-month update to let you know how I like the app.

Month 1.5 update: The app is still working, and I love having it. Knowing when I need to change the litter box or if there is another issue is terrific. I live in an apartment, so I usually clean it before as there is still a smell. However, if you have your Litter-Robot in a basement or out-of-the-way area, this app is perfect for you.


This is not about cleaning the litter out but cleaning the unit itself. I have only deep cleaned it once, which was not easy to clean. I tried wiping it down but ended up putting it in my shower, which caused some drainage issues that were easily solved but still a bit annoying.

However, I received a tip to take it to a self-serve car wash to clean it. If you have a power washer or strong garden hose, you could probably use that too. I currently live in an apartment, so I don’t have that option. It is due for a cleaning, so when I do the app review update, I will also post about my experience cleaning it at the car wash.

Cleaning update: Yes, going to a car wash is much easier than doing this in a shower. Now, if you are in a home, your hose will work just fine. However, I live in an apartment. and don’t have access to a hose. When going to the car wash, be ready for the spray. I had a bit of water, and cat litter hit me several times as I sprayed everything.

Here is a great video from Litter Robot on how to clean it:

There is a weight that can fall out.

For about two weeks, we kept hearing this thump after I cleaned the unit the first time. I had no idea what it was, so I went online and did a search that is when I found out there is a weight that sits in the bottom of the unit and is there to help keep the Litter Robot clean. It causes the bottom to fall when it’s rotated up so that more dirty litter falls into the waste bin.

I had no idea this was there; it may be in the instructions, but since this does already come assembled, I skipped over a few things. However, it’s not too hard to put back in place, and as of this writing, I haven’t had it fall out again.

Your cat may not use it.

Yes, it can happen. You would think that your cat would love having this in fact, Pumpkin, my part main coon cat, is the one I bought it for. He hates using a dirty litter box and will poop in my bathtub if it’s not clean. I thought this would be the solution, but he just won’t use it. If you have a cat that poops in your bathtub or sink check out my post: 5 Reasons Your Cat Poops in The Bathtub or Sink and How to Stop it

Honesty time: Litter-Robot does recommend that you leave a dirty litter box next to the Litter-Robot to entice your cat to use the clean Litter-Robot. Unfortunately, my mother, who is very sensitive to cat smells, lives with me and threw out the litter box the day after I got the Litter Robot. They also recommend you don’t plug it in for a few days, but again she pugged it in because she couldn’t stand the smell.

I believe that my cat would have started using it if he was given a chance to get used to it. However, he still won’t use it and continues to use my bathtub and another box instead. Be prepared for this to happen; from what I have seen, it’s not common, and I’m still not sure why he won’t use it. The other cats in my home use it just fine.

If the power goes out, it doesn’t work

This isn’t a huge issue but something you must keep in mind. After having the Litter-Robot for some time, you get used to not having to scoop litter; however, if you have a power outage and it lasts for a while, you will have to remember to clean your litter box. Luckily we only lost power for a short amount of time since buying the litter robot and have not had this problem.

It can get stuck.

The bowl can get stuck when moving, and if you are not home, it will stay that way until you get back to fix it. It’s not a big deal until it gets stuck with no litter and your cats use it anyway. However, it will sometimes get stuck while rotating, and your cats can’t use it. This is not a problem if you are going to be home each day; however, if you are planning on leaving home for a few days, I would recommend setting out another litter box.

I gave the Litter-Robot 5 stars even with these issues because they are minor. Cleaning ease depends on the litter you use, and problems with the app could just have been due to me living in an apartment. I have the same issues with other apps that require a similar setup.

Another reason I recommend them is that you can own one with a no-credit-check payment option. They are affiliated with Affirm a payment company that allows you to pay over time with limited interest. That is how I bought mine, and it’s been a great experience.

Are you ready to be a Litter Robot owner?