General Cat Care and Tips

Help! My cat chews on my glasses.

It always happens. I put my glasses down to read something up close, reach over to get them, and find my cat, chewing away on the ends of my glasses. It never fails to happen and at night he even loves to grab them and take off with them. Resulting in me hunting around half-blind to find them in the morning.

I finally had enough and went on a search to figure out why he was chewing on my glasses and how to get him to stop. Here is what I found and what actually worked for my cat.

Reasons your cat is chewing on your glasses

Chewing behavior is natural in cats. Think about a cat in the wild they have to catch and chew on their food to eat. However, since you are here your cat is not just chewing their food, but your eye-glasses or other objects.

Reasons for chewing in cats

  • Teathing
  • Bored
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Lacking a nutrient
  • Gum Disease
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Periodontal disease

My cat was suffering from stress and anxiety. This caused him to chew on my glasses to help soothe him. His stress was also causing urinary problems and I did have to talk with my vet about what was going on to find out why he was chewing on my glasses.

In my case, a switch to a prescription diet for a month stopped the behavior and saved my brand new glasses from the fate of my old ones.

5 Tips to stop your cat from chewing on your glasses

Buy Chewable Toys

This is a must-do if your cat is chewing due to teathing or stress. Having chew toys that they can play with and chew is the best way to keep your cat from chewing your glasses.

You want to find something that is similar to what they like to chew on, but in a toy form. You also don’t want to rule out small dog toys as large house cats can chew on those pretty easily.

If you are looking for an easy way to get new toys for your cat each month, check out the KitNip Box. It’s a monthly subscription box for your cat.

Plant Cat Grass

Cat grass helps a cat chew something that is good for them. Sometimes a cat is chewing your glasses because they have something else going on and need more nutrients or they may have an upset stomach. Cat grass can help this.

Increase play time with your cat

Just like humans, cats get bored and they may be going after your glasses because they always get your attention when they do. Start by setting aside a half-hour a day to play with your cat. If you have other people in your home to help you can add more time if you want.

Try this for two weeks and see if the increased activity helps your cat to stop chewing on your glasses. If it doesn’t, there may be a medical reason they are chewing.

Change their food

Your cat’s food may be causing them problems. They may have a reaction to something in the food that makes them feel bad or they may have a health issue that needs to be resolved by using prescription cat food.

If you’re trying to avoid a trip to the vet you may want to try switching to a more natural food if you don’t already feed your cat that way. However, if the behavior persists you do want to make an appointment with your vet.

Talk to your Vet

If you try the ideas above and still don’t have any luck getting your cat to stop chewing on your glasses you may need to talk to a vet. There may be a medical reason or a problem with the living environment. As I stated before with my cat is was a medical issue and he has been much better in the chewing department ever since the switch.

With a few questions and some explanation, your vet can help you figure out why your cat still chews on your glasses.