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Large Cats That Act Like Dogs

Sometimes you just want a cat that acts more like a dog. I always thought cats were cats and dogs were dogs. However, when I got Pumpkin that idea completely changed.

He was a very snuggly cat who would greet me at the door. He loved to play with balls and would even play fetch. He even learned to walk on a leash. I found myself wondering if there were other cats out there like him and that is when I found the Puppy Cat.

What makes a cat a cat-dog or puppy cat?

  • They get along with other cats and dogs
  • They play fetch
  • They love attention and are always asking for it
  • They follow you around the house
  • They love to walk on a leash

Domesic Large Cats that Act Like Dogs:

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are considered one of the largest housecats. They can get up to 25 pounds and can be 40 inches long. If you are looking for a big fluffy housecat that will act like a dog, the Maine Coon is for you.

Maine Coons were once at the point of extinction. But their friendly nature and large size made them extremely popular. They enjoy being close to you, but may not want to be on your lap.

Maine coon cats have a thick coat that keeps them warm in the winter but also is waterproof. This coat allows them to enjoy water and snow, but dry off very quickly.

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If you want a cat that acts like a dog and loves children the Ragdoll is a great cat. They are playful and very affectionate even toward kids. They have amazing bright blue eyes and will curl up with you.

Ragdolls were created in the 1960s and it is said that they were created to act like babies. They tend to love to be cuddled and will lay in your arms like a baby. They also enjoy being carried around.

They are playful, but not overly active. They will meet you at the door by rubbing your leg or head butting you. They are easily trained and can learn to fetch or to stay off your counter.


Ragamuffins are a wonderful cat if you want a dog-like cat. My cat Pumpkin will play fetch, loves to snuggle, and enjoys going on walks. The Ragamuffin will also greet you at the door and gets along well with other cats, dogs, and children.

Ragamuffins are not a new breed, however, they have not been around forever either. They have ties to the Ragdoll breed as in 1975 Ragdoll breeders decided to create their own breed. They paid homage to the Ragdoll by naming the cat the Ragamuffin.

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If you are looking for a puppy cat that also looks like a wild cat the Ocicat is your perfect pet. The Ocicat is the only spotted domestic cat breed selectively to emulate cats of the wild.

They look like they are a wild cat, however, they are so affectionate active, and social. They get along with other animals people and will be very affectionate to household members.

Ocicats also learn quickly and can learn to come on command and have even been known to be taught to beg for food. They are a very active breed, so you do want to have plenty of room for them to run around and a lot of toys for them to play with.


The Siberian cat is a great puppy cat if you like big, fluffy, and playful. They have a three-layered coat to help them survive in cold climates and they take around five years to mature. This means you need to be ready for lots of furs and a lot of energy from this cat.

Siberian cats love to greet you at the door and tell you all about what happened while you were gone. They also want to be as close to you as possible. They are of course very playful so you can teach them to play fetch and other fun tricks.

Siberians also like to jump so be prepared for them to jump onto anything high including your refrigerator. You may want to invest in a large cat tree and high hideouts for this cat.

Each of these cats has their own fun way of expressing themselves and giving you that puppy-like cat you are looking for. Pick one or all of them and enjoy the companionship and fun they will give you and your family.